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The Fondation Sarah Grond’s mission is to help families and children in need, either directly or indirectly, by providing financial or other help in Luxembourg or abroad. The main purpose is to help children that have lost one or both parents, but the foundation is also willing to help children that still have both parents.

Waving  - mission to help children in need
Children's Toys -  mission to help children in need

The foundation is willing to support children and families directly by giving them or helping them buy material, clothes, equipment and/or food or indirectly by giving money to foster homes, orphanages, support groups and other types of organizations.

As the mental and emotional support in case of a loss of a parent is just as important as the physical and financial help, the foundation is also willing to support organizations that provide that kind of support or to pay for sessions with professionals that provide these services.

Donation Boxes  mission to help children in need

The foundation is also willing to finance activities and/or equipment for foster homes and orphanages or similar homes to underprivileged children. To finance these activities, the Fondation Sarah Grond relies on donations from individuals, but is also organizing fund-raising events a number of times a year which will create awareness and increase the number of donations.

Diverse Kindergarten  mission to help children in need

The Fondation Sarah Grond also accepts donations in kind. Donate your children's used clothes, toys, furniture, bikes, car seats and strollers.

Simply contact us and we will arrange a pick up in due time.

Our Mission
Sarah Grond and her children - our mission to help children in need and orphans

About Sarah

The foundation was created to continue Sarah's legacy as a devoted mother,

an exceptionally kind and good-natured human being and an amazing friend and partner.

Sarah was born in December 1986. At the age of 20, she became an Au pair to help out the parents of two young boys (age 2 and 4) in Munich. She then returned to Luxembourg to become a flight attendant.

In January 2015, her son Lionel was born with Milan following in June 2017. Sarah was a devoted and caring mother to her children and was relentless in trying to find new activities for her two boys, in buying new and interesting toys, in feeding them a natural and balanced diet. She spent most of the 4 years at home with them, only having started to go back to work in December 2018.

Sarah was loved by many and nobody could ever say a bad word about her. She was caring and understanding, had a heart of gold and would be listening to other people’s grief for hours. She loved children more than anything in the world – not only her own – and had plans to have more children in the future.

In February 2019, Sarah fell sick of the Influenza virus. Within just 4 days, she passed away at the young age of 32, leaving her partner and the two boys behind.

About Sarah


If you wish to donate, please kindly transfer the funds to the following account. Any help is greatly appreciated!

IBAN: LU73 0021 7102 0138 5500

You can also donate by scanning the QR code for a Digicash/Payconiq donation below:

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*Or by clicking on the Donate button on 

Help in a different way
for children in need

items such as: clothes, toys, strollers, car seats, etc

The Fondation Sarah Grond is an internationally recognized public benefit charity and all donors, through their donations, benefit from tax advantages as per the Law  from 21 April 1928. For further information, please contact us under


Fondation Sarah Grond has face masks with two different designs. They are made 100% in Luxembourg and are available in two different sizes:   kids size and adult size

*they come with adjustable straps.


Donate at least 20€ with the reference #staysafe and we will send you your mask. Send us a message on any of our platforms or simply email us to let us know of the design and size you want. 

All donations go 100% to fund one of our many projects. The different donation options are mentioned just above this slide or by clicking the (i).




Music Class  mission to help children in need

The Foundation has done a number of projects in collaboration with Fondation Solina and Solidarité Jeunes. To protect the privacy and anonymity of the children, we cannot post a full description of our projects.

The collaboration with Solina has so far led to ten ad hoc projects where we support orphaned children living in one of the foster homes within the Solina organization by sponsoring either tools they need for their education or an activity that is necessary for their mental well-being.

We are also discussing further collaborations with other, similar organizations.

We have also started four long term projects with current or former Solina foster home resident orphans as well as one additional orphan to provide them with the financial support they need to get a proper education. Since the aid they can get from public sources is limited, we have offered to figure as "replacement parents" to sponsor any extraordinary expenses so that these young people don't have to live with the constant anxiety of having to find money in case something goes wrong and can thus focus on their studies and preparing for a life full of potential.

Kids Blowing Bubbles  mission to help children in need

In addition, we are currently directly supporting many families with direct material, financial or administrative help. The number of families has steadily grown to 17 by the end of 2022 with a total of 41 children that received our assistance in the past 2 years.

If you have suggestions or ideas, please contact us!

Verspielte Kinder


Direct help for families in need after the loss of a parent. Selection criteria under which families in need could qualify will apply. For the time being the focus will be on families in Luxembourg only.


Providing funds or collected items such as toys or clothes to foster homes and orphanages to sponsor activities or new equipment for them to take care of orphan children


The scholarship program consists in providing young orphaned adults with the financial means to finish their study program without having to worry about working or asking friends for support. The students sign a contract with certain obligations and can then get financing for all their living and education expenses.

Business Team


The Fondation Sarah Grond is always looking for volunteers.

Sign up as a member and join one or more of the groups to choose the tasks you would like to help us with.

The groups we have are:

  • Administration - for all kinds of administrative tasks including accounting, mailing, inventory, etc

  • Fundraising and social media - for helping us raise funds, donations in kind and awareness and interacting with donors

  • Projects - for helping us with ongoing projects with children and families in need, including with our various collaborations


Note that we also like when volunteers bring new and great ideas on how to help us help children in need. We will organize regular brainstorming sessions where volunteers can bring their ideas into a forum for discussion.



Stay up to date with all of our events,
collaborations, fundraisers and much more !

Fondation Sarah Grond is now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn.

Visit our social media accounts to stay up to date with events, news and activities!

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